With iFreeThrow you can match your shot to the rhythm of the best free throw shooters in the world, and you will get better instantly!


An independent study by Columbia University discovered that free throw percentages have not gotten better for over 50 years in the NCAA nor the NBA. The New York Times reported that since the mid 1960's there has been no improvement in free throw percentage while there has been vast improvements in every other aspect of the game. Why?

The free throw is a static erratic process. The player is stationary before he shoots. Whereas every other aspect of basketball is a reactive athletic process. The player catches and shoots, the player dribbles and shoots, the player steps into his/her jump shot. Over the last 50 years, basketball has only intensified this static erratic process by shooting hundreds of free throws during practice time. One after another, reinforcing free throw shots that re enact game situations therefore not being productive in the pursuit of making free throws in a game.

iFreeThrow makes the free throw a reactive athletic process by giving the player a feeling that transfers from practice to game situations. It is the key to the free throw revolution. To be able to step up in the game and have the feeling that transferred from the right practice.

So how does iFreeThrow give the player the correct feeling in a game situation?

We have studied the best free throw shooters in the world in game situations. They all have a common tempo/rhythm to their free throws. This consistent rhythm, or tempo, is a 2 to 1 ratio from the time they start the ball up to when they set it (2 parts) and the time from the set to the follow thru (1 part). So if we were watching on video for example, the player would take 20 frames from start to set, and 10 frames from set to follow thru. Each player's mechanics vary so maybe another player takes 16 up to set and 8 to follow thru. The speed at which they shoot may vary, but the ratio of tempo is consistent.


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Kansas Jayhawks

iFreeThrow is hosted and developed by Scott Novosel, who played basketball for the Kansas Jayhawks under two time National Champion Coach Roy Williams.
Scott also has over a decade of experience in coaching youth basketball.